Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock over the last 6 months, the most addictive website is Pinterest.com. This amazing and highly addictive site is great for any industry including wedding, photography, designers or someone who’s just interested surfing the web. Usually when you surf the web for art, apparel, electronics and other items of choice, you tend to save those sites and return at a later date. However there are times when you see something that catches your attention and would love to share it with someone who may appreciate it.

Well Pinterest does that and so much more! Have you ever wanted to build your own inspiration board for  your wedding, upcoming event, receipes or summer wardrobe….Pinterest can make that dream a reality. You have the option to follow people with the same interest as yourself and re-pin items from their inspiration boards. Main stream retailers are joining the “Pinterest Fever” with their latest collections.

I’m not going to “TALK YOU INTO A COMA”, but make sure to give it a try and let me know if you need “Pinterest Rehab”.



About A Twist of Couture by Poetic Twist Stationery

A savvy luxurious insight on Weddings, Social and Business. So whether it's luxe invitations, welcome bags, party ideas, destination wedding ideas, wine, couture bridal gowns, we've got it covered. Visit our paper goods and design site: http://www.poetictwist.com

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